Norton Bluejay Booster Club

About Norton Bluejay Booster Club

The Norton Blue Jay Booster Club is an all-volunteer organization that is committed to supporting coaches, athletes, and school programs in a positive way both on and off the field. The purpose of the Booster Club is to promote, develop, encourage and support Norton Community High School athletes, coaching staff, parents, administration, and faculty - as well as the Norton community. The group's goal is to foster and promote a spirit of unity and goodwill among its members. 

MatchDay Fundraising Project

Name of Project/Initiative: Vinyl Banner Hardware

Fundraising Goal: $3,500

Project Description: NCHS Stull Gymnasium needs a level and solid way to hang vinyl banners. Currently, the senior athletic banners are being hung using command strips. Funds from MatchDay will be used to purchase sliding hardware that would accommodate any width of banner that has grommets. 

How the project will benefit Norton County

"This would provide a professional presentation of vinyl banners in the Stull Gym," said Joy Johnson.

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