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Individual Registration

Please complete the online registration below, or call Tara Vance at 785-874-5106 to register and pay by phone. 

Player's Pool

NEW this year!

A two-person team Player’s Pool where you can bet on yourself and a chosen teammate to win the HIGHEST CUMULATIVE FISH WEIGHT of the day - and 50% of the pot!

  • This includes all species in each period.

  • Same weigh-in rules apply as per the regular tournament.

    • Only one fish per species per period can be weighed in.

  • The cost is $200 per team ($100 charged to each participant).

  • Players and teams must be committed and paid before 7:30am on Saturday, September 11.

  • Pay-out is 50% of funds raised; remaining 50% stays with the organization.


Want to participate? Please select the second option on the Registration Form to the left. Be sure to include your teammate's name in the "Comment" box!

Choose one:

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