About Moms4Kids

Moms4Kids is the group formerly known as “Child Study Club.” They are a group of moms who put family first and are dedicated to seeing children thrive in our community.

MatchDay Fundraising Project

Name of Project/Initiative: Summer Backpack Food Program

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

Project Description: Moms4Kids started the Summer Backpack Food program after donating to USD 211's weekend backpack program and realizing there was a gap during the summer months. "It occurred to us that if these students needed assistance over the weekend - how were they eating throughout the summer?" said Natalie Linner. 


The program receives a list from the school district with the names of kids who received a backpack through the weekend program. They keep the names and families fully confidential and arrange pickup/delivery every two weeks for the 12 weeks of summer. Their current budget is $13/week per child. The program provides a variety of meals, snacks, and household staples to ensure kids in the USD 211 School District have food. They also include kid-friendly recipes to go along with that round of groceries. "Our goal is to be able to expand to the USD 212 District," said Linner. 

Funds raised during MatchDay will go toward purchasing food, snacks, and household staples for summer backpacks for students enrolled in the 2021-2022 school year at USD 211. 

How the project will benefit Norton County

"The summer backpack program benefits Norton County's less fortunate families. It ensures that the children who need our assistance have food to eat, and it helps alleviate financial burden for the caregivers." 

One mother whose children are in the program wrote: "Thank you for all that you do. There were times I had no idea what to feed the kids and then you angels showed up to help." 

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