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About Norton County Community Foundation

The Norton County Community Foundation was established in 1994 for the purpose of supporting local charitable activities in Norton County through endowments made to the foundation.


Since then, NCCF has grown assets to $2.8 million with an additional $4.5 million in impact investment projects. Thanks to its generous donors, NCCF has reinvested more than $10 million into the community through grants supporting qualifying programs and projects. 


By connecting donors to nonprofits, programs, and causes, Norton County Community Foundation aims to serve as a catalyst for positive change in Norton County - today and tomorrow.

About the NCCF Operating Endowment Fund

This fund covers NCCF operational needs, i.e. salaries and office expenses. The endowment helps to ensure that operations of the foundation will be able to continue in perpetuity. 

Support the NCCF Operating Endowment Fund 

Your donation will go toward this endowed organizational fund. 

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