About Norton County Community Service Association

The Norton County Community Service Association (NCCSA) was established 30 years ago after an incident with a traveling carnival.  Several surrounding counties had started the process of planning home-owned carnivals, and a group of individuals in Norton began to meet to discuss local opportunities. As a result, Norton’s first home-owned carnival was in 1990 with several kid and adult rides. In the years since, the carnival has grown to include four adult rides and numerous kid rides. The carnival also includes a bounce house, a small train, and swings. 


The City of Norton and the NCCSA Carnival Board members work together to put the rides together. Safety is a key priority, and the rides are inspected each year. In addition to the carnival rides, NCCSA is also responsible for the Red Barn concessions. The annual carnival is truly a community-wide effort. Local banks run the ticket booth every year, county-wide groups and organizations volunteer to operate the rides and games, and New Age Industrial manages the carousel year-round.  


NCCSA is governed by a 9-person board of directors that changes every year. They begin planning the carnival in February and finalize the year by September. 

About the Norton County Community Service Association Endowment Fund

NCCSA intends to create an endowment fund in order to support continued operations. One specific goal is to purchase new rides for the annual Norton County Fair home-owned carnival. The board has expressed the goal of presenting something new – be it a food item or ride – to to the community each year.  

Support the Norton County Community Service Association Endowment Fund 

Your donation will go toward this endowed organizational fund. 

"We strive to bring something new to the home-owned carnival every year!" - Deena Wente, NCCSA Board Member

112 S. Kansas, Suite 308

Norton, Kansas 67654