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The Haven

About The Haven

The Haven is a home for families coming to visit inmates at the Norton Correctional Facility. Owned and operated by The Northwest Kansas Inmate Resource Council, Inc., The Haven runs entirely on private donations and guest fees. The home is fully furnished with 13 bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen, as well as a big backyard and playroom. 30 guests can be accommodated at capacity. The Haven is also utilized as a half-way rental house for women coming out of addictions.

MatchDay Fundraising Project

Name of Project/Initiative: Plumbing to install a new washer and dryer 

Fundraising Goal: $600

Project Description: The Haven is a very large house, and currently, the washer is in the basement while the dryer is upstairs in the kitchen. A quote has been secured to update the plumbing so that the washer and dryer can be in the same place, benefiting both the residents and housekeeping staff of The Haven.

How the project will benefit Norton County

The Haven currently serves as a residence for women recovering from addiction. They are unique in that they allow women to have their children with them. They have had as many as five women living at The Haven. In addition to the full-time residents, The Haven continues to serve as affordable weekend housing for those coming to visit loved ones at the Norton Correctional Facility.


Completing this plumbing project will benefit Norton county by making The Haven an even more attractive choice for women seeking a safe place to live. By attracting women to move to Norton County, they are contributing to the workforce. The Haven also employs a housekeeper, and this renovation would make her laundry duties much easier after having weekend guests. 

Support the Project 

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