Valley Hope Foundation

About Valley Hope Foundation

The Valley Hope Foundation is the charitable arm of Valley Hope and as such raises and manages charitable gifts to support treatment scholarships, treatment programs, equipment and capital needs of Valley Hope. 

Founded in 1967, Valley Hope provides patient-centered, compassionate care to individuals, families and communities impacted by drug and alcohol addiction. More than five decades since their beginnings in northwest rural Kansas, Valley Hope has established a national footprint, with 19 treatment centers across the United States, with multiple locations in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas. They have helped more than 310,000 people find hope in recovery and restore their lives.


MatchDay Fundraising Project

Name of Project/Initiative: Norton Extended Treatment & Sober Housing Project

Fundraising Goal: $15,000

Project Description Valley Hope of Norton provides residential treatment to more than 350 individuals and their families each year. Many residential patients need extended care and treatment. Currently, there are no programs in western Kansas that include housing, treatment, and employment in the community.

The "Extended Treatment & Sober Housing Project" is the first of its kind for Valley Hope. Through the program, eight outpatient treatment patients will receive long-term (6 months to one year) room and board and will have the opportunity to obtain employment in the Norton community. 

The west wing of the Norton treatment center is being renovated to host eight patients and one house manager. The long-term housing unit will include a living area, kitchenette, and computer access. Three daily meals will be provided in the treatment center's main dining room, prepared by kitchen staff. Two persons will occupy a sleeping room with one bathroom.

Each patient will participate in extended intensive outpatient treatment or continuing care treatment. Intensive outpatient treatment is evidence-based, cognitive therapy, grounded in the 12-Steps, and facilitated for six weeks, nine hours (3 hours/3 days) weekly. The Continuing Care program is 6-12 months of group therapy, one hour per week, focused on relapse prevention. 

Valley Hope data (along with national data) indicates the longer an addicted individual is connected to treatment, the greater the likelihood they will experience long-term recovery. This new new sober housing project will change and save lives!

Funds from MatchDay 2021 will be utilized to assist patients with the cost of entry into the Norton Extended Treatment and Sober Housing Program. Many of Valley Hope's patients, through the consequence of their addiction, find themselves at the bottom of the economic ladder. In Kansas, 60% of their patients have annual incomes below $50,000. In addition, 31% of their patients have education levels at or below grade 12. On average, 44% of their Kansas patients are unemployed. This program partners with the patient to restore all areas of their lives. 

How the project will benefit Norton County

"This program offers a unique treatment opportunity for rural Kansans and for the community of Norton. Patients will be encouraged to obtain employment at Norton County-based employers while continuing their addiction treatment services. This fills a need for Norton employers."