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Economic Impact

The Economic Impact category focuses on efforts to continue building and increasing the opportunities available in Norton County for businesses and workers. 

Identified Goals:

  • Create destination attractions

  • Grow existing base of employees cooperatively

  • Establish new employers through recruiting and investments

  • Attract and recruit quality workforce from outside Norton County: improved wages, student loan forgiveness, improve ROZ program

  • Develop workforce development opportunities to increase retention

  • Organize succession planning for businesses and farmers

  • Reinvest in group promotion of businesses

  • Provide incentives for businesses recruitment and retention

  • Recruit retail and business options to enhance amenities  

  • Build a marina at the lake

  • Add tourism activities at the lake: boat races, fishing tournaments, holidays, games, walking and biking trails

  • Redesign and promote Discover Norton website

  • Set up a City of Norton website

  • Form local career fair

  • Promote agriculture 

  • Examine more affordable municipalities 

  • Design public transportation

  • Focus on needs of local employers and creating high paying jobs


Grants Given Totaling $48,254.65:

  • City of Norton received a grant in 2016 to improve the parking lot on South State Street for increased downtown parking.

  • Norton City/County Economic Development received grants in 2016 and 2019 for the Storefront Renewal Project.

  • City of Norton and Norton Travel & Tourism received a grant in 2019 to purchase the ChamberMaster Pro Software for the Discover Norton website. 


Grants Awarded by Category in Norton Cou
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