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Norton County Unrestricted Grant Endowment Fund

NCCF’s Unrestricted Grant Endowment Fund offers grants to qualifying nonprofits, projects, and programs.

Contact the office for more information on this grant opportunity.

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation initiated a grant opportunity in March 2015 with Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation as an avenue to financially help support charitable activities in Northwest Kansas. With this funding, 12 county-wide funds have been established, allocating grant funds to each to be used for projects benefiting the counties and/or communities within. As such, Norton County Community Foundation receives $100,000 in "pass-through" funds annually to award grants in Norton County.  

Qualifying Applicants

Grants are made to nonprofit organizations exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; and Educational, Governmental, and Religious Institutions. Grants are not made to individuals or businesses.

Please note – there are many nonprofit organizations that fall under a different IRS tax code that are not eligible.  Please look into this prior to filling out your application.

Grantmaking Criteria

  • Grants can address:

    • Education: Enhances the learning environment and expands opportunities for students. Provides increased self-reliance on personal life skills and workforce capability.

    • Health Care: Ensures access to quality health care services and promotes healthy life practices.

    • Community Social Services & Security: Enhance access to social services needed for individuals of special needs and support systems to provide community disaster relief and general community emergencies.

    • Conservation & Environment: Support efforts to improve and maintain high air and water quality, appreciation for our natural environment and enhances economic and social benefits of outdoor resources.

    • Arts & Culture: Provide cultural and artistic opportunities to enhance the quality of life for local residents and to encourage tourism and the exchange of ideas.

    • Community Beautification: Support efforts to improve and maintain public spaces to enhance community pride and encourage socialization among residents.

  • Preference will be given to applications that include community involvement and volunteerism.

  • Grants shall not be used to reduce or replace regular budgetary needs for programs or projects that are tax-supported.

  • Grants are not awarded for endowment or general operating expenses.

  • There is no maximum on grant requests; however, if the request is for significant dollars (more than $10,000), covers multiple counties within the service area, is a multi-year request, or for a project that was previously funded directly by the Hansen Foundation, it is suggested that the applicant apply directly to the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.


Application Process

  • Applications must be received, complete with all items, through the online grant application link. Applications are due the last day of the month to be considered for the next month’s funding. 


*Please note: clicking this link will take you to our partner website

(Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation)

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