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List of Funds

A fund is a separate trust with its own donors and philanthropic purpose. The funds held by the Norton County Community Foundation are invested with Greater Horizons; however, donors may designate a different investment entity.


Establishing a Fund with the Norton County Community Foundation is a simple process. Our staff is committed to helping donors meet their charitable interests through the exploration of charitable giving vehicles, determining the appropriate fund type, or assisting with planned giving techniques.


Descriptions of the funds held at Norton County Community Foundation are listed below:

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Funds 101

What is a fund?

A fund is a giving vehicle that makes it easy for donors to carry out their charitable desires.  

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Establishing a Fund

Donors can establish funds using cash, securities, closely-held stock, real estate, etc.


Learn more.  


NCCF Operating Fund

This fund covers NCCF operational needs, i.e. salaries and office expenses.


Organizational Endowment

Norton Area Child Care Association Endowment Fund

This fund was established in 2019 as an organizational endowment for Sunshine Learning Center. 

Norton County Arts Council, Inc. Endowment Fund

This fund was established in 2022 to ensure the sustainability of arts initiatives in Norton County. 

Norton County Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund

This fund was developed through the MyFoundation Campaign, and will help ensure that NCCF’s grant program continues in perpetuity. 

Norton County Community Service Association Endowment Fund

This fund was established in order to support operations of Norton County's home-owned carnival.

Norton County Health Department Endowment Fund

This organizational fund was established to support county health and/or home health initiatives. 

Norton Theatre Association Endowment Fund

This fund was established to support ongoing operations and fund large projects at the Norton Theatre. 

Community Impact

Norton County Unrestricted Grant Endowment Fund

This fund serves as the grant-making savings account with dollars received by the Hansen Foundation. 

Dane G. Hansen Foundation Community Grant Fund

This pass-through fund ​offers financial support via grants to qualifying and deserving projects and programs in Northwest Kansas. 

Promoting Norton County Initiative Fund

One of the longest-held funds at NCCF, this fund was designed to fund projects/initiatives that promote and build Norton County.

Economic & Entrepreneurship Impact Fund

These funds were created in 2019 with a gift from the Norton Development Corporation to be used for short and long-term investment projects in Norton County. They also include a loan pool designed to support entrepreneurial initiatives in Norton County. 

Field of Interest

Community Health Leadership Fund

This fund was designed to build a culture of health leadership and health education support in and around Norton County and provide a vehicle for the community to give back to those who provide health-related services. 

Frontier Community Fund

This fund was established to support housing in Norton County. It also includes property located in the Ryan Addition of Norton. 

James & Barbara Johnson Family Fund

Established in 2021, this fund is intended to support charitable causes serving the city of Almena and its surrounding area, and the citizens in that area. Learn more.

Leap of FaithE Fund

This fund was created by Kellen and Emily Jacobs to help support the ongoing collaborative process that is open domestic adoption. Learn more.

Pride of Norton Fund

This fund helps finance projects such as beautification, holiday celebrations, community promotion, and parks.

Youth Skilled Therapy Financial Assistance Fund

This fund provides financial support for children who require skilled care in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Speech Therapy and demonstrate a financial need for such service. 

Special Projects

Norton County Honor Hunt Fund

This fund supports the work of the Norton County Honor Hunt, a charitable event held annually to benefit disabled Kansas Veterans.

Secure Sebelius Lake Fund

This fund pays a contractual obligation to the Almena Irrigation District to maintain the lake level at Keith Sebelius Reservoir. Learn more.



Candace Gay Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund started after the death of beloved elementary teacher, Candace Gay. It supports USD 211 students who have been involved in theater and/or forensics at NCHS.


Della Connell Scholarship Fund

This fund is an endowed scholarship fund, which started from an initial investment from USD 211. Annual scholarships are awarded from this fund.

Glenn & Wilda Bowman Family Scholarship Fund

This fund provides an annual, merit-based scholarship to a graduating senior of Norton Community High School who will attend either Kansas State University or any vocational-technical college in the state of Kansas.  

J.R. Durham Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in 2020 in memory of Jake Durham. The scholarship is intended for male or female wrestlers who are graduates of NCHS. 

NCHS Alumni Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by the Norton Community High School Alumni Association to award an annual scholarship to an NCHS Senior who is going on to further their education.

Norton Rotary Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in 2020 to benefit graduates of Norton Community High School who have been actively engaged in community service activities during their high school career. 

Donor Advised Funds

NCCF holds 2 anonymous Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds are a type of charitable giving fund that is established by a donor to support causes they care about. They offer charitable flexibility and immediate tax advantages. The minimum amount to open a donor advised fund is $10,000.


If you are interested in more information, please contact Lindsey Peterson.

Organizational Endowments

Create an ongoing source of income for your charitable organization. 

Learn more.

Field of Interest Funds

Funds that have been established for granting to a specific area of interest.

Donor Advised Funds

Charitable funds created by individual donors who want to be involved in granting out their funds. 

Scholarship Funds

Funds that support young people and their educational pursuits. Donors can choose the name, selection criteria, etc.

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