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Leap of FaithE Foundation Fund

Created to help support the ongoing, collaborative process that is open domestic adoption.

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Our Story

In 2021, Kellen and Emily Jacobs finalized two major life events: the completion of their family through the adoption of their 4th child, and the creation of the Leap of FaithE Foundation. 

Adoption was placed on the hearts of both Kellen and Emily at a young age before they ever met each other. When the two were dating, they realized this was a calling they both shared. Once married, they were blessed beyond measure with 3 biological children. When their son was 2-years-old, Kellen reminded Emily of the calling they had and challenged her to revisit adoption with him as he had already begun the research process. After meeting with numerous agencies and selecting Adoption and Beyond, they felt that an open adoption was the best for the child and started to wrap their head and hearts around this idea. With much prayer and anticipation, Kellen and Emily began their adoption journey.  

After a failed adoption in the fall of 2019, Kellen and Emily quickly matched again with the birth mother who would eventually give birth to their daughter, Lilah Faithe. Their daughter's birth mother allowed Kellen and Emily to name her daughter with one request: that an “E” be placed at the end of Lilah’s middle name, Faithe, to show appreciation for a friend who helped her navigate the road to adoption, and whose middle name is also Faithe. Kellen and Emily respected this request and were thankful for this friend who would share the same name as their daughter.

On April 9th, 2020, shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, Lilah Faithe Jacobs was born. Emily and their birth mom co-mothered Lilah in the hospital, while Kellen and their 3 kids cheered them on from afar. The time Emily and their daughter's birth mother spent together during those days in the hospital deepened their relationship and further proved the importance of keeping Lilah’s birth mother a part of their lives. Just like any relationship, the relationship between adoptive families and birth families takes work, but for the sake of the child and all involved, is beyond worth it!

About Leap of FaithE

Adopting a child and the whole process so touched our lives that we want to assist in making that dream a reality for others as well. The decision to adopt a child is a big decision. One that carries a fair amount of weight, mentally and financially. Leap of FaithE strives to assist in alleviating some of that strain, both for birth parents and adoptive parents. 

Through this field of interest fund held at Norton County Community Foundation, we plan to issue grants through an application process to help support all involved in the adoption journey. These funds will directly impact the lives of the adoptive parents, as they have likely incurred a lot of cost as all new parents typically do. The funds will also impact and support birth parents, who are making the bravest and most difficult decision they may ever encounter. Financial support will be geared towards birth parents’ cost of living after delivery, and on the basis that they continue to seek some mental health counsel. 

These funds will be awarded through an application process that both adoptive and birth parents will complete together, furthering the open adoption relationship that will hopefully continue to grow throughout the life of the child. If you are interested in applying for funds, please review the application.

The capital E in the foundation’s name is no typo, but rather a symbol of a forever connection between Kellen, Emily, and their daughter's birth mother, who chose life for their daughter through the guidance from a special friend. The E gave life to Lilah and will hopefully bring life to the Leap of FaithE foundation as well.


Leap of FaithE strives to support all involved in the adoptive process.  Rooted with a focus of weaving strong relationships with sound mental health support, our foundation wants to hold hands with all parties involved to celebrate making adoption an easier choice.

Click the link above to download the application packet.



Our vision is to grow this foundation so that we can help as many people as possible. With your help, we can make the difficult choice to adopt and the incredibly difficult choice to place a child for adoption a little easier. If any piece of this story of humble humanity touches your heart, we would be forever grateful for your contribution.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our process, please reach out.

Whether you're a birth parent, adoptive parent, or donor, we'd love to connect.  


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