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Planned Giving

Your Estate, Your Legacy

Comprehensive Estate Planning for You and Your Family


Through our partnership with Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation, we are able to connect interested parties with John Griffin of Stewardship Counseling, LLC to provide estate planning design services free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis. The draft plan can be given to your attorney to formalize. This gives you comprehensive guidance in designing an estate plan that minimizes income, gift, estate, and inheritance taxes, and facilitates smooth business, farm, and asset transition. Estate planning appointments fill quickly.


To set up your appointment, or to learn more, contact us today!

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John Griffin is an estate planner and major gifts consultant through Stewardship Counseling, LLC

The Power of Endowment


Estate gifts are the best opportunity for permanent, endowed funds that can bear the name of a family, business or other desire of the donor, forever. 


Gifts are received by the community foundation, invested prudently, and the income is used for charitable purposes directed by the donor.


This illustration shows how powerful even a modest estate gift can be when invested in a permanently endowed fund.

Imagine what your gift could do in Norton County!

Transfer of Wealth

Securing the future for Northwest Kansas

In the next 40 years, our nation will experience an unprecedented transfer of wealth, as estates change hands from the Greatest Generation to the Baby Boomers, and then to their children and grandchildren.


In Kansas, this transfer of wealth is estimated to be $79 billion by the year 2020. By 2064, this amount will increase to $598 billion!

If we capture a portion of this wealth — even just 5% — by setting up endowments through community foundations, we could provide a permanent source of funding for local organizations and causes that will greatly improve the lives of Kansans.


In Norton County, the transfer of wealth from 2020-2029 will be approximately $200M, meaning a 5% capture goal would be over $10M. If that money was invested with the Norton County Community Foundation, and just 5% was paid-out annually, this would mean that over $500,000 would go back into our community as grants, etc. every year. 

We all want to see our state continue to grow and succeed. With a little planning, we can make a difference for our communities, our families, our friends and our neighbors, forever.

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Keep 5 in Kansas

A study estimated that approximately $200 million in wealth will be passed from one generation to the next between 2020 - 2029. Because most intergenerational wealth transfers go to heirs - many of whom live outside of Northwest Kansas - that wealth will leave our community. 

We encourage you to leave just 5% of your estate to our community. By setting up an endowment through the Norton County Community Foundation, you can help provide a permanent source of funding for your favorite charitable causes and organizations right here at home. 

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