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Resources for Nonprofits

Organizational Endowments

We believe in the power of endowments to grow and sustain organizations. Not only do endowments create an ongoing source of income, but they also send a message of planned long-term stability and credibility to the community.


When you choose to create an endowment at Norton County Community Foundation, you join several nonprofit organizations in Norton County who partner with us for their long-term sustainability.

Benefits of an Organizational Endowment with NCCF

  • Fund Management Services: Endowed funds are invested with Greater Horizons, a leading provider of charitable giving services. Greater Horizons is in the top one percent of more than 700 community foundations in the country in terms of combined assets (more than $3 billion), gifts and grants. This means that your funds are going to be invested into a large pool, which has historically yielded a higher rate of return.

  • Donor Confidence: Having a fund at the Foundation gives your organization an affiliation with a respected public charity. Our 25 years of presence and experience in Norton County can help reassure donors that their donation is going to make a difference. 

Organizational Endowments at Norton County Community Foundation

  • NCHS Alumni Endowment Fund

  • Norton Area Child Care Association Endowment Fund

Nonprofit Development

Stay tuned for news about upcoming nonprofit development workshops, covering topics such as marketing, development, and grant writing. 


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