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The Entertainment category focuses on ideas to enhance and create opportunities for Norton County and the surrounding area.  

Identified Goals:

  • Promote quality of life in Norton County

  • Provide more social activity opportunities

  • Enhance and expand community-wide festivals

  • Develop activities for the younger adult community

  • Establish a family fun center with multi-purpose space

  • Increase cross generational community-wide events

  • Create a festival for Norton’s Sesquicentennial 

  • Expand farmers market

  • Implement Taste of Norton program

  • Organize concerts at local venues


Grants Given Totaling $31,613.27:

  • Norton County Chamber of Commerce received a grant in 2015 to fund the annual 4th of July firework show.

  • Norton Theatre Association received a grant in 2016 to replace seating in both theatres to create a more comfortable environment. 

  • Lenora Jubilee received grants in 2018 and 2019 to support and promote the family-friendly weekend event held each June. 

  • Norton Theatre Association received a grant in 2018 to purchase a new popcorn machine to continue providing high-quality snack options. 

  • Norton Theatre Association participated in the 2018 Norton County Community Foundation Match Day to support ongoing programs.

  • Norton County Magazine received a grant in 2018 to support the operations of the magazine. 


Grants Awarded by Category in Norton Cou
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