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The Housing category focuses on all the needs surrounding living situations within Norton County.  

Identified Goals:

  • Establish county-wide housing authority to address rental issues, codes, standards and enforcement opportunities

  • Upgrade existing aged and uninhabitable homes

  • Add affordable low and medium cost housing

  • Improve first impressions and curb appeal

  • Remove eyesores 

  • Enhance and add quality and affordability of rentals 

  • Expand neighborhood sidewalk rehab program

  • Address Almena’s need for housing

  • Design loft apartments over downtown businesses

  • Organize housing investment group

  • Build condos/townhouses

  • Increase housing stock

  • Capitalize on empty lots

  • Education opportunities for available housing

  • Boost neighborhood watch programs

  • Implement and enforce housing and zoning laws


Grants Given Totaling $10,000:

  • Norton City/County Economic Development received a grant in 2019 to conduct a housing study in Norton County.  


Grants Awarded by Category in Norton Cou
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