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Match Program 2024

Program Description

5 FOR 5 is a Match Program that will run June 1 - September 30, 2024. 


Match Opportunity

Participants who raise $5,000 from donors will receive a $5,000 match from NCCF. 

$5,000 is the maximum match; amounts raised below $5,000 will also be matched.

Participation Eligibility

Participation is open to existing and new funds at NCCF. 

  • Existing Funds: Field of Interest, Organizational, and Scholarship funds currently held at NCCF can earn a 1:1 match, up to $5,000, by raising funds from donors.​​

  • New Funds: Organizational and Field of Interest funds opened at NCCF between June 1 - September 30, 2024 can earn a 1:1 match, up to $5,000, by raising funds from donors. 


Program Specifics

  • Participants are required to sign a “Participation Agreement Form.” (Please contact us for one.)

  • NCCF is not hosting an in-person event this year. Fundraising initiatives are up to the fundholder to plan!

  • There is no fee to participate.

  • Participants can raise more than $5,000, but only $5,000 will be matched. All dollars will go into the fund at NCCF.

  • Each participant will be allowed one free use of the Heaton Building (conference room, gallery, or basement) to host an event. Schedule with NCCF’s Property Coordinator, Alissa Gibson (Click to email or call 785-874-5106).  


More details will be provided to participants upon inquiring and signing a Participation Agreement Form! Contact us to learn more or move forward!

Contact Information

Bethany Shirk 

Director of Communications and Programs, 785-874-5106


Lindsey Peterson

Director of Development and Operations, 785-874-5106


Q. How do I open a fund?

We’re happy you asked! Schedule a time to meet with us and discuss your ideas and goals. We’ll help determine the best type of fund and then get to work drafting the Establishing Documents. From there, it’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t take very long!


Q. What if I don’t have a fund and I don’t want to open one? Can you still help me with funding?

We understand! If you need funding for your organization/charitable project, please apply for our grant program. You must be a 501c3, or a governmental, educational, or religious entity. Our committee reviews applications every month. Learn more and apply here.

Not confident in writing a grant? We've got you covered!

We are hosting a free grant-writing workshop on June 10th from 1-3 PM in the Heaton Building basement. We encourage you to come...attendees will be entered into a drawing for MINI GRANTS! (In other words, we’re giving out free money!) No sign-up needed. We look forward to seeing you there!


Q. Will you ever host another Match Day?

Good question! We have loved offering Match Day to Norton County for the last several years. This new 5 for 5 Match Program aligns with the strategic goals put forth by NCCF’s Staff and Board for this year. We’ll see what the future brings!

Q. I want to participate but I don't know how to raise $5,000!

There are a lot of ways to raise money. Let's schedule a time to chat and we'll help you brainstorm! And remember, you can still participate and not raise the full $5,000. If you only raise $2,000 for example, we'll still match that! $5,000 is just the maximum amount we'll match. 

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