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Andbe Home, Inc.

Match Day Fundraising Project

Name of Project/Initiative: Andbe Home Acres Establishment

Fundraising Goal: $5,000

Project DescriptionAndbe Home, Inc. of Norton recently purchased the property formerly operated as Whispering Pines with the intent of re-establishing an assisted living facility in Norton, to be named “Andbe Home Acres.” The needs of this large project are still being established, but renovations and upgrades will be costly. Improvements include new carpeting, roof repair, guttering system, and more. There are also plans to provide scholarships to interested staff for nurse aide and/or medication aide classes. Prospective residents have already shown interest and consultants have been hired to assist in the transition.

Andbe Home, Inc.’s experienced business office, administrative staff, and dietary team will help ensure a smooth transition, quick opening, and profitable facility.

How the project will benefit Norton County

Since the closing of Whispering Pines last fall, it has been clear that there is an incredible need for assisted living in Norton County. This type of facility provides a level of care between living and skilled care, ensuring a healthy and safe transition for the geriatric population. The opening of Andbe Home Acres will also provide another opportunity for jobs within the Norotn community.

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