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Crayons for Classrooms

About Crayons for Classrooms

Crayons for Classrooms is a group of community members, parents, grandparents, teachers, and school administration whose mission is to provide basic supplies for students attending school at USD 211. The group formed in 2022 and provided school supplies to every student at Eisenhower Elementary School.

USD 211 teachers provide the committee with a list of supplies needed for each child. The committee compiles the lists and places the order through the school district office during the summer. The committee then sorts the items and distributes them to the teachers/students at the open house prior to the new school year.  

MatchDay Fundraising Project

Name of Project/Initiative: School Supplies for 2023/2024

Fundraising Goal: $15,000


Project DescriptionCrayons for Classrooms is hoping to raise enough funds to provide basic school supplies to all Eisenhower Elementary students and expand to the Norton Junior High and Norton Community High School to pay the students’ computer tech fees.

How the project will benefit Norton County

The project benefits every family with a child/children attending USD 211. In addition to enrollment fees, parents pay for backpacks, PE shoes, lunches, etc. throughout the school year. The estimated cost of basic school supplies is $50 per child. The tech fees are $55-64 for each student. This is a significant amount of money, especially if families have more than one student attending school.


The committee aims to purchase as much locally as possible, which benefits Norton County businesses. In an effort to stretch every dollar, they also take advantage of the discounts and ability to order in bulk through the school’s resources. 

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