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Norton Area Childcare Association

About Norton Area Childcare Association (Sunshine Learning Center)

Norton Area Childcare Association, also known as Sunshine Learning Center, operates as a non-profit childcare center and preschool in Norton. Sunshine incorporated in 1978 and opened its doors in 1980. This licensed facility is governed by a board of directors with Jennifer McKenna serving as the day-to-day director. The staff includes 10 full-time and approximately 2 part-time members. Staff are continually taking courses to enhance their quality of care. 

Sunshine is currently licensed for 56 children and operates a half-day preschool that accommodates 32 children. The facility includes infant and toddler classrooms, an afterschool program for school-age children, and two preschool classrooms that operate during the school year. Children are provided with a variety of ways to learn, both through free play and organized group activities. The Center provides many fun outings for the children, such as trips to the local pool or library. They dress up for holidays and enjoy following the school’s spirit weeks during Homecoming and FFA week.​


"At Sunshine Learning Center our mission is to offer reliable, affordable childcare to the Norton community.  We strive to nourish children physically, emotionally, and academically through our services.  Thanks to trained staff, we are able to ensure a loving environment for the children who attend our facility and create bonds with their families." Jennifer McKenna, Director.

About the Norton Area Childcare Association Endowment Fund

This fund was established in 2019 as an organizational endowment for Sunshine Learning Center. "We created an endowment fund for Sunshine to solidify our commitment to making our non-profit more financially stable, and to show continued accountability to all the generous donors who support our efforts," explained Abby Rice, Past President of Sunshine Learning Center's Board of Directors. "With this fund, we are making a long-term commitment to our mission and to this community."

Support the Norton Area Childcare Association Endowment Fund 

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