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Norton PRIDE

About Empower Norton (Norton PRIDE)

Empower Norton (formerly known as "Norton PRIDE") is a group of community members who work to honor our Norton heritage by promoting and supporting a high quality of life, while fostering a sense of community pride through partnerships with other community entities.  

Norton was one of the first communities to enroll in the Kansas Community Empowerment program in 1971. It skipped some years and then restarted from 1974-76, 1981-83 and then reorganized in 2015 to present. Norton joins approximately 75 communities across the state that are enrolled in the Kansas Community Empowerment program for the 2023 program year.  

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Each January, the core committee takes time to review the projects of the past year and identify project needs that should be continued/finished. Norton PRIDE also partners with existing civic organizations to volunteer time and efforts toward ensuring that those projects that are important to our community survive and new ones get started.  


2023 has found our volunteers very busy with projects with various community partners. Several projects were organized for Service Learning Day in April. A strawberry pie contest was held in conjunction with an Italian Dinner fundraiser in May. Volunteers are assisting with improvements to the community garden, walking trails, and working concessions at the theatre. Past projects include the pool playground, the directional signs (a suggestion from a First Impressions/Strategic Doing Survey), the bat houses, and initial work on the Veterans Park improvements.  We are currently working with the Legion to repair Cemetery Veterans flag posts.  


“It is through the financial support of Match Day, fundraisers, and your generosity, that such projects can continue,” said Cindy Wegener, Chair.


Norton PRIDE welcomes anyone who is interested to join them in building the “pride” of our Norton community by becoming more involved in the core committee or as a project volunteer.  

About the PRIDE of Norton Fund

Empower Norton (Norton PRIDE) started a field of interest fund with NCCF in order to have funds available for projects, especially as grant funding becomes more difficult to obtain.  


Empower Norton’s various project plans reflect the basic components of the Kansas Community Empowerment (Kansas PRIDE) action in communities across Kansas. These components include: Beautification, Holiday Celebrations, Community Promotion, Parks, Community Festivities/Fundraising and Community Fitness/Health/Wellness.

Support the Pride of Norton Fund 

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