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Norton PRIDE

About Norton PRIDE

Norton PRIDE is a group of community members who work to honor our Norton heritage by promoting and supporting a high quality of life, while fostering a sense of community pride through partnerships with other community entities.  

Each January, the core committee takes time to review the projects of the past year and identify project needs that should be continued/finished. Norton PRIDE also partners with existing civic organizations to volunteer time and efforts toward ensuring that those projects important to our community survive and new ones can get started.  

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"2022 so far has found our Norton PRIDE volunteers very busy with multiple projects with various community partners. Organizing several projects for service learning day, holding an apple pie contest, and a spaghetti night fundraiser. Several partners were helped by our volunteers assisting the community garden with a Tater tub project, working concessions at the theatre, and painting posts around Elmwood Park. Norton PRIDE is one of several groups working on the Station 15 project, which includes renovating the Station 15 park with a travel center that is nearing completion, a future upgrade to the playground, and a future fitness trail. For our Norton sesquicentennial Celebration our volunteers will have an entry in the parade, hold a fundraiser on July 2nd at courthouse, and continue to help the Genealogy Society the weekly collections for out of the past in the Paper. “It is through the financial support of MatchDay and your gift that such projects can continue,” said Reva Benien, Chair.


Norton PRIDE welcomes anyone who is interested to join them in building the “pride” of our Norton community by becoming more involved in the core committee or as a project volunteer.  

About the PRIDE of Norton Endowment Fund

Norton PRIDE started a field of interest endowment with NCCF in order to have funds available for projects, especially as grant funding becomes more difficult to obtain.  


Norton PRIDE’s various project plans reflect the basic components of PRIDE action in communities across Kansas. These components include: Beautification, Holiday Celebrations, Community Promotion, Parks, Community Festivities/Fundraising and Community Fitness/Health/Wellness.

Support the Pride of Norton Endowment Fund 

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