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About Norton Regional Health Foundation

The Norton Regional Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on the importance of rural health and health care. The mission of the Norton Regional Health Foundation is to improve the health and wellness of the residents of Norton County and the surrounding region, which includes enhancing the quality of healthcare. The Norton Regional Health Foundation works to meet this mission by accepting gifts, contributions, and in-kind matches from those who support the mission. The Foundation will promotes effective partnerships with individuals, communities, other nonprofits, foundations, and groups across the state and nation that support the mission and advocate for programming, grants, gifts, and system changes that improve health.

MatchDay Fundraising Project

Name of Project/Initiative: Nursing and Laboratory ER Improvements and Facility-wide Lighting Upgrade

Fundraising Goal: $6,000


Project Description: The Norton Regional Health Foundation at Norton County Hospital works diligently to fundraise for equipment and facility improvements to help the hospital fulfill its mission of meeting the region’s evolving healthcare needs. One item that is needed to help improve the patient and staff experience is the Accuvein vein finder. The vein finder would assist in all areas of the hospital, particularly in the nursing department and emergency rooms, allowing enhanced capabilities in vein location access. Funds raised that exceed the equipment budget will go towards a facility-wide LED lighting upgrade to improve the lighting while minimizing ongoing energy costs. 

How the project will benefit Norton County

All citizens of Norton County Hospital patients would benefit from purchasing these items. Patients will be comforted knowing Norton County Hospital has the needed equipment to care for them. The vein finder will

help staff effectively locate veins and minimize the need for multiple needle sticks or additional specialized nursing staff to assist in finding veins. The equipment will assist nursing staff by alleviating the need to call specialized nurses back into the hospital to help with challenging lab draws, minimizing patient and nursing time required for IV and lab procedures. This equipment will assist in a better patient experience and equip nursing and laboratory technicians to work more efficiently. 


The Norton Regional Health Foundation aims to raise $6,000 for the vein finder; funds exceeding $6,000 would go towards an LED lighting upgrade throughout the hospital facility. Match Day is a tremendous opportunity to raise funds for the vein finder and the updated facility lighting. 

Support the Project 

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