About Norton Regional Health Foundation

The Norton Regional Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on the importance of rural health and health care. The Foundation's mission is "To support the enhancement of quality health care for the residents of Norton County and surrounding counties by securing gifts and contributions for the support of the mission of Norton County Hospital.”

MatchDay Fundraising Project

Name of Project/Initiative: New Patient Beds for Norton County Hospital

Fundraising Goal: $18,109

Project Description 

Norton County Hospital (NCH) hopes to purchase 5 new inpatient beds and 1 new OB bed in 2021.


The current inpatient beds at NCH are 10 years old. Since the hospital averages 5 inpatients at a given time, the goal is to purchase 5 new beds, including mattresses, with the latest technology. More inpatient beds will be replaced in the next few years. Additionally, because the hospital hired three new family practice/obstetrics physicians in 2020, the Labor & Delivery program is in full swing again in Norton. The hospital purchased one new OB bed in the last 3 years, but is in need of another safe and fully-functional bed when multiple mothers are delivering at the same time. 

Norton Regional Health Foundation has already raised $10,000 for this project, which in total will cost $46,217.70. Therefore, the MatchDay goal is set at $18,109 - which is half of the remaining funds needed! 

How the project will benefit Norton County

"Every citizen of Norton County will benefit from this project. If you aren't a patient in the hospital, you know someone who is or will be! The hospital's mission says that it "provides an exceptional staff and patient experience." That means ensuring  staff have the tools needed to provide high-quality care, and that patients and their families are comfortable during their stay," said Katie Allen Wagner, NRHF Director.

Support the Project 

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Click to view the brochure for the OB Bed