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Norton County Community Foundation Announces “Leap of FaithE Foundation” Fund

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Norton County Community Foundation has announced the creation of the Leap of FaithE Foundation fund. Donors Kellen and Emily Jacobs have created this fund to help support the ongoing, collaborative process that is open domestic adoption.

After adopting their daughter in 2020, Kellen and Emily decided to create the Leap of FaithE Foundation fund as a way to alleviate some of the mental and financial strain that adoption can have on both birth parents and adoptive parents. This field of interest fund held at NCCF will issue grants to help support everyone involved in the adoption journey. The fund’s mission statement reads: “Leap of FaithE strives to support all involved in the adoptive process. Rooted with a focus of weaving strong relationships with sound mental health support, our foundation wants to hold hands with all parties involved to celebrate making adoption an easier choice.”

“‘Leave it better than you found it’ is a motto we try to live by, whether it’s a hiking trail or humanity as a whole,” said Kellen and Emily. “After going through the adoption process and noticing a gap in the system as it relates to the birth mother’s mental health, we wanted to do something to make it better for the families who would come after us. We’re excited to partner with NCCF on this fund and help support other families through the process of adoption.”

Funds will be awarded through an application process that is jointly completed by the adoptive and birth parents, furthering the open adoption relationship that the Jacobs hope will continue to grow throughout the life of the child. Financial support will be geared towards adoptive family needs and birth parents’ cost of living post-delivery, with an emphasis on providing mental health support.

“We are honored that the Jacobs chose NCCF to house these funds,” said Tara Vance, Executive Director of Norton County Community Foundation. “We look forward to supporting their mission and seeing the lives they touch through this gift.”

To learn more about the Leap of FaithE Foundation fund, please visit: If you’d like to support this fund, contributions can be made online or sent to NCCF.  

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