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Norton County Community Foundation Awards $6,788 in June Grant Cycle

Norton County Community Foundation (NCCF) awarded $6,788.00 to Norton County nonprofit organizations and charitable projects in the June grant cycle. These funds were part of the Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, which offers financial support to qualifying and deserving projects and programs in Northwest Kansas. Grant funds supported the following organization and project:

  • City of Norton, c/o Norton Travel & Tourism to help support the Prairie Dog State Park Adobe Home Restoration Project.

The Adobe Home, located at Prairie Dog State Park, was constructed in 1892 and is the only known adobe house sitting on its original site in Kansas. While renovations have been completed throughout the years since the Adobe Home was built, the last major renovation was completed in 1997. Over the past 23 years, weather has taken a toll on this structure, and it is in need of a new roof and siding repairs.

“This project is important to our community and current CVB-Travel & Tourism board,” said Donna Liddle, President & CEO, Norton Area Chamber of Commerce and Travel & Tourism. “This grant will assist the City of Norton Travel & Tourism to complete renovations needed to restore this important historic and cultural gem.”

“The grant selection committee was eager to fund this project,” said Tara Vance, NCCF Executive Director. “The Adobe Home is an important part of our local history, and we appreciate Travel & Tourism for their efforts in preserving and promoting the site.”

The guidelines and application for the Hansen Community Grant can be found on NCCF’s website at Applications are due the first day of every month to be considered for that month’s funding.

For more information, please contact Tara Vance at 785.874.5106,, or visit the NCCF office at the Heaton Building in Downtown Norton, located at 112 S. Kansas in Norton, Kansas. 

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