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Norton County Community Foundation & Norton Area Chamber of Commerce Announce the Station 15 Podcast

Updated: May 24, 2021

Norton, Kansas, May 2021 – Norton County Community Foundation and Norton Area Chamber of Commerce are excited to announce the launch of Station 15: The Podcast for Life in Norton County, Kansas. Season One episodes will be released every Tuesday, starting June 1 through July 6.

Station 15 Podcast highlights human interest stories from Norton County, Kansas. Host Tyus Henson and guests will re-think what it means to be rural and explore the spirit, culture, and people who call Norton County home. Each season will explore a central theme, all from a rural lens. Season One considers holistic health, and discusses questions such as: What does "mind, body, and soul" healthcare look like in a rural community? Are services even available to tend to all three? The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and most podcast-hosting platforms. Episodes can also be heard online at

In part, the podcast was created to fill the communication void after the Norton County Magazine, a quarterly publication about all things Norton County, released its final edition. “The magazine’s successful run taught us that the region and the state really care about what is happening in Norton County,” said Tara Vance, Executive Director of NCCF. “Podcasting is very popular right now, so this felt like a great opportunity to not only continue sharing our story, but to do so in a way that has potential for a global reach.”

“As a new professional to Norton, part of my introduction to this community came from reading the Norton County Magazine, which featured the people and life here in Rural Kansas,” said Donna Eastman Liddle, President and CEO of Norton Area Chamber of Commerce. “When the magazine ended, I talked to the Norton County Community Foundation and we realized our aspirations followed the same direction in forming a new podcast for Norton County. We have incredibly talented people in every industry and walk-of-life with more stories to tell. The narrative just couldn’t end.”

Station 15 Podcast is funded through a grant by the Hansen Community Grant Fund at NCCF. This fund offers financial support to qualifying and deserving projects and programs in Northwest Kansas. The podcast is being produced by Studio J, LLC in Norton, KS.

For more information, please contact Tara Vance at 785.874.5106 or, or Donna Eastman Liddle at 785.877.2501 or


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