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Norton County Community Foundation Scholarship Funds Award $24,450


Contact: Bethany Shirk

(785) 874-5106,


 Norton, Kansas, May 2023 – Norton County Community Foundation (NCCF) has announced its 2023 Scholarship Recipients. A total of $24,450 was awarded to Norton Community High School seniors and/or second-year college students from six different funds held at NCCF. The funds, their cumulative award totals, and their recipients are below:

Candace Gay Memorial Scholarship: $500

Lucas Kenney

Della Connell Scholarship: $20,000

Avery Stark

Cara Cox

Collin Brooks

Cooper Bailey

Dylan Hawks

Ellie Kats

Erika Miller

Kayla Donahey

Kelly Donahey

Kolton Field

Lakyn Linner

Lauryn Schumaker

Lucas Kenney

Nolan Juenemann

Olivia Miller

Rylan Wildeman

Sean Ward Anderson

Silas Jones

Wesley Brooks

Wyatt Hammond

Durham Family Scholarship: $750

Jefferson Otter

Glenn & Wilda Bowman Family Scholarship: $1,000

Taylor Mapes

NCHS Alumni Endowment Scholarship: $1,000

Collin Brooks

Norton Rotary Scholarship: $1,200

Ella Carter

Avery Porter

Garrett Urban

“We’re excited that NCCF was able to facilitate the scholarships for these 25 recipients,” said Lindsey Peterson, Director of Development and Operations. “As always, we want to thank our donors, whose commitment to education will make a big difference in the lives of these students.”


For more information about scholarships, please call NCCF at 785.874.5106, email, or visit Suite 203 in the Heaton Building (112 S. Kansas Ave., Norton, Kansas). 


About Norton County Community Foundation

The Norton County Community Foundation was established in 1994 for the purpose of supporting local charitable activities in Norton County through endowments made to the foundation. Dedicated to serving today for tomorrow, to make our community a better place in which to live. Connect with the Norton County Community Foundation at


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