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Thrift Shop

About Thrift Shop

The Norton Thrift Shop was established by the United Methodist Women in 1974 and is run entirely by volunteers. The Shop carries gently-used clothing, shoes, housewares, decor, and seasonal items. The Shop is dedicated to philanthropy: since 1975, it has donated over $760,000 in cash support to local, national, and international missions, as well as countless in-kind support to local families in need and organizations like the Orphan Grain Train. 

MatchDay Fundraising Project

Name of Project/Initiative: New Building Renovations

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

Project Description:

In June 2021, the Thrift Shop was gifted the building at 112 South State Street – commonly known to Norton residents as the old Dollar General Building. The building was purchased by the Norton County Community Foundation, at the direction of an anonymous donor and their wishes. The new building has more than twice the amount of square footage as their old location, meaning the Thrift Shop will be able to expand its inventory, spread out its displays, and carry larger household items such as furniture. Volunteers will have more space to work, and the new building is ADA accessible, expanding its accessibility to the community. Finally, because the new building is on Main Street, the Thrift Shop’s visibility will increase to community members and people traveling through Norton, resulting in more business.


Match Day funds will be used to purchase signage for the front facade, a rear entry door, and shelving. The front signage will make the store more visible and attractive to the public and those passing through Norton County. A new rear entry door will replace a leaky, non-secure door, providing protection and security. Finally, increased shelving will help display the shop's merchandise and make it more accessible to patrons. 

How the project will benefit Norton County

The Thrift Shop fills a need in the Norton community by providing residents a local avenue for purchasing low-cost clothing and housewares; providing a place for community members to donate their gently-used items; and by fulfilling its philanthropic goals through charitable giving.

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