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Leap of FaithE

About Leap of FaithE

Established in 2021, Leap of FaithE Foundation strives to support all involved in the adoptive process. Rooted with a focus of weaving strong relationships with sound mental health support, the foundation wants to hold hands with all parties involved to celebrate making adoption an easier choice. The foundation awards funds through an application process that adoptive and birth parents complete together. For more information, visit their website

MatchDay Fundraising Project

Name of Project/Initiative: General operating/program funds

Fundraising Goal: $25,000

Project Description: Funds raised during Match Day will be used to support general operating/program costs. The fund's purpose is to issue grants through an application process to help support all those involved in the adoption journey. Funds will directly impact the lives of adoptive parents by offsetting the expenses that comes with adoption for adoptive parents. Funds will also be allocated for mental health support and counseling for birth parents. 

How the project will benefit Norton County

Leap of FaithE intends to increase their marketing efforts in Kansas and surrounding states to spread the mission of the organization. Having this fund based out of NCCF  helps bring notoriety to Norton County. 

Support the Project 

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